Hello world!

I’ve been waiting to get this blog up and running for months but as it’s the summer holidays I’ve been going away. I’m even going to Naples in four days time for a wedding. I keep postponing making the daunting ‘first post’ on here until I can fully dedicate myself, but I just can’t wait any longer…

I have SO MUCH to write about and share, but for now here’s a teaser of what’s to come when I get back:

  • A review of the bead districts in London and Paris
  • The Campaign for Wool @campaignforwool and Wool Modern
  • Inspiration drawn from recent trips to Barcelona and the Lake District
  • What I’m making at the moment and what I’m going to learn next
  • A tutorial for a clutch bag (which I’m making to use at the wedding)
  • My dissertation which is about the difference between art and craft, if any
  • Perhaps even a look forward to Christmas! Us crafters have to start early on these things!

I’ll be taking lots of photos on my travels, and hopefully doing some productive crafting in the car journey from Amsterdam to Naples! Twitter updates to come whenever I can get to a computer @bijouzoo

Let’s all enjoy the rest of our summers, -BZ.







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