Six yarns, two fabrics and a knit

From the Knit and Stitch show

New stash

 It was my first year at the Alexandra Palace Knit and Stitch show, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. How can you not have a great time when you’re surrounded by such a choice of pretty things? What I bought is hardly a representation of what was on offer though, as I’m like a moth to a flame for yarns. There was actually a huge variety of things on offer. So no matter where your passions lie, I’m positive you could find something delicious at the show.

Here’s the juice on what I got:

  • Mustard wool sock yarn from Knitshop. Link
  • Natural wool sock yarn from Knitshop. Link
  • Purple alpaca wool from Knitshop. Link
  • White mohair silk from Knitshop. Link
  • Khaki Drops alpaca wool from Nest. Link (colour 7233m)
  • Pink/peach natural dyed silk from Shilasdair. Link (colourway silk cord B5)
  • Happy Japanese cat fabric with red background from Euro Japan Links. Link
  • A sample of yellow silk from The African Fabric Shop. Link

Still being relatively new to knitting and all the different kinds of yarns, I was really suprised with how soft the alpaca wool is! Seriously, that stuff is gorgeous. I think it’s only a matter of time before I make myself an alpaca jumper and wear it constantly during the winter months…

The sock wool I got because they had on display a knitted-up sock with a cable pattern down one side and the stitches were incredibly well defined. It was sturdy and well formed. This should be a good yarn to show off technical stitches. 

The mustard wool

So far so good

Above is the mustard wool sock yarn in action, I’m doing the Cheat’s Fingerless Mitts by Sarah Hazell in Knitting Mag (September 2011 Issue 93). I’m super pleased with that choice of yarn.

As for the fabrics, I have a soft spot for anything Japanese, and said soft spot is not limited to fabrics. I simply could not resist the cuteness of the cats having adventures. As for the silk, I only got it because it was very shiny. I think if used in a patchwork with cottons it would be rather eye catching. Or if used next to cottons with a gold lining it would really bring out the gold.

*sets as background image*

Cute attack

I just want to add that I know I had a mass buying fit at the Knitshop. This is not only because they sell beautiful and useful natural yarns, but mainly because their shop is a 15 minute stroll from where I live. Which makes it easy to get more yarn when needed, it’s just more convenient for me.

If you’re interested in making sure you can visit the Knit and Stitch show next year, the dates are 11-14th October 2012.



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