Table loom: My first sample

Yesterday I attended an induction in the constructed textiles lab. They had; flat bed knitting machines, some double bed knitting machines, a Jaquard loom, several digital looms, a few old table looms and a tufting area. The Jaquard is too complicated to get started on as a total beginner in weaving, and as I’m considering the possibility of making my own fabric for a patchwork quilt, the knitted pieces would be too stretchy and unravel-y for that purpose. So weaving it was! As the table loom was the easiest to get started on, and I’d taken a shining to the patterns and the feel of the fabric you can produce on the loom, I took to one.

Table loom

Does 'warp 4' make anyone else think of Star Trek?

Basically, how it works is that you pass a thread of your choice between the threads attached to the loom. Depending on which levers at the top you have pressed up or down, it will create different patterns as you go along. For my first experience I just had to get used to passing the thread through. I tried out different colours and thicknesses of thread to see what difference they made. I think I preferred using the thinner threads to create a denser fabric.

Close up

Work in progress

I also think the black satin thread highlighted the pattern clearly, it gave a smooth texture and was thin enough to form a tight, compact fabric.

My next foray on the loom will be on Friday where I’ll be bringing in an actual idea to work towards instead of randomly experimenting. I’ll talk more about that on Friday, hopefully what I bring in can be done, I have a specific pattern in mind…



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