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Colourways I need in my life

Recently, everytime I’ve discovered a new place to get some hand dyed yarn I’ve felt like what I found there was the best yarn I’d ever seen. Ever. Until I find the next website… and so on. I get drawn into these beautiful objects and I keep trying to think of projects I could use them for to justify treating myself to one of them.

I secretly believe that this is what Christmas is for – I get the yarns I want under the pretense of making pretty things for other people.

These are the three shops I most want to buy from and it was so difficult choosing just one skein from each…  

Newt's Hideout 3

 Above is the sweetly named Newt’s Hideout 3 from Easy Knits‘ Deeply Wicked range. There are some mad colours in that range, like, some serious colour combos. Instead of choosing something wild, I’m showing you something I feel is subtle, understated, and a little bit sneaky. That is an extremely rich peacock blue there and I think knitting it with blue, or even emerald green, crystal beads would bring it out like a treat. The flashes of azure and khaki are further adornments to the blue, making it appear deeper, darker, and much less royal or conservative than if it were on it’s own.

Rainbow Riot

I desperately need to visit the Made in Hackney shop as it must be just around the corner from me. The above yarn is a DK named Rainbow Riot and it’s from Made in Hackney.

“The rainbow is a symbol of hope and I devised this shade just after the sad events that touched Hackney this summer. Famously, the day after there was a rainbow over the area, which many people Tweeted pictures of” – Made in Hackney

I tend not to favour purple things, I think I find purple too girly and not in a good way. Or I think of Cadbury’s. But with these shades on Rainbow Riot, I don’t get any of that. For me, the indigo helps to ground the purples and instead of me thinking of a Dairy Box I just think of fun. I imagine myself knitting an open weave scarf out of it and wearing it with a black, thick fabriced dress and my T-bar Doc Martens.

Father Time

Finally, I’ve chosen a lovely mix from Three Irish Girls which goes by the name of Father Time. I can’t describe it, but those colours together make me think of so many things;

  • A rainy day at a quiet harbour somewhere much further north than wherever I am. White and grey clouds watching tired driftwood lapping at the sides of small fishing boats.
  • A small, colourful bird foraging in the cold autumn soil for seeds and berries.
  • A dusty old book/antique shop that you find by mistake one day, and everything inside may look a bit drab and old but after mooching about you realise it’s full of treasures.

I don’t know. It’s those blues with that brown, it stirs something primal in me. Like mornings that are cold and wet and you’re tired, but when you sit down with a mug of tea you get to savour the cosiness and the warmth and it makes for a happy moment.

Thank you for reading and I hope you let me know what your favourite yarn is in a comment below. It can be one you’re using or one you dream about having. I’d be interested to know what other people think of my choices too, I haven’t bought any of these yarns …yet.



3 thoughts on “Colourways I need in my life

  1. You have excellent taste! 🙂 I love all of these colorways!

    Posted by Yarnista | 29 October, 2011, 00:46
  2. Thank you so much for mentioning Made in Hackney yarn in your blog. I agree that all of the colourways you’ve chosen are lovely. I particularly like the descriptions of what they make you think of and why you like them. I also like that you’re not into girly things – Made in Hackney hates girly! Thanks for the support – and happy crafting.

    Posted by Made in Hackney (@madeinhackney) | 29 October, 2011, 19:27
  3. Thank you Yarnista and Made in Hackney for taking the time to reply, I’m super glad you liked what I wrote about your yarns. I hope to be stunned by your many future colourways 🙂
    All the best.

    Posted by Bijou Zoo | 29 October, 2011, 22:57

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