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A Quote and Activity for your Everyday Objects

During my dissertation research, I came across the quote below and thought it would be nice to share. The simplicity of its sentiment struck me; Small things found and kept for their lovely shape, their weight, their texture and intense pure colour. Objects that we place near each other, in their different aspects and relationships, … Continue reading

Part 2 of setting up the loom, sampling and methods of display

Ok, it’s time to update you on my work. I think I’ve made some good progress, finishing the loom set up didn’t take as much time as I expected. These are the heddles on the loom. I’m using 20 heddles on each shaft and there’s 24 shafts, which means I have 480 heddles in total to … Continue reading

New weaving project

I think I shall begin telling you about my new project by updating you on the last one. A week ago I had a super constructive tutorial in which I showed the screen prints I’d mentioned in a previous blog post. (here) The main topic of conversation in the tutorial was the print below. My tutor noted that, as … Continue reading

Colourways I need in my life

Recently, everytime I’ve discovered a new place to get some hand dyed yarn I’ve felt like what I found there was the best yarn I’d ever seen. Ever. Until I find the next website… and so on. I get drawn into these beautiful objects and I keep trying to think of projects I could use them for to justify treating myself to … Continue reading

Screen printing

I had no idea how process-based screen printing was, it’s really quite labour intensive. Of course, I only found this out while it was taking me a full day just to make the screen… I’m just using the first screen to experiment with and get used how screen printing works. That’s why I’ve printed out … Continue reading

Drawing of silk yarn

Today I finished this drawing of my new Shilasdair silk cord from the Knit and Stitch show. I’m going to try and make a screen print from it, hence why it’s done in black and white. To me, skeins and balls of yarn are such beautiful objects on their own, so full of potential for what they could become. … Continue reading

Table loom: My first sample

Yesterday I attended an induction in the constructed textiles lab. They had; flat bed knitting machines, some double bed knitting machines, a Jaquard loom, several digital looms, a few old table looms and a tufting area. The Jaquard is too complicated to get started on as a total beginner in weaving, and as I’m considering … Continue reading

Six yarns, two fabrics and a knit

 It was my first year at the Alexandra Palace Knit and Stitch show, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. How can you not have a great time when you’re surrounded by such a choice of pretty things? What I bought is hardly a representation of what was on offer though, as I’m like a moth to … Continue reading

Five things: How to make my studio cosy

For the first time in three years of university, I have a lovely studio! I’m going to spend as much time in it as possible (it sounds like a new year’s resolution, doesn’t it?) and I want it to be a place where I can get my creative on. To make it a cosy environment I … Continue reading

“Why is craft seemingly less prestigious than art?”

It’s come around to dissertation time for me at university. I study art and I’ve often wanted to make something using knitting or bead weaving for my course but I felt like my peers wouldn’t take crafts seriously. And I know it’s not just a strange and paranoid delusion of my own imagining, because there is … Continue reading