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A Quote and Activity for your Everyday Objects

During my dissertation research, I came across the quote below and thought it would be nice to share. The simplicity of its sentiment struck me; Small things found and kept for their lovely shape, their weight, their texture and intense pure colour. Objects that we place near each other, in their different aspects and relationships, … Continue reading

Part 2 of setting up the loom, sampling and methods of display

Ok, it’s time to update you on my work. I think I’ve made some good progress, finishing the loom set up didn’t take as much time as I expected. These are the heddles on the loom. I’m using 20 heddles on each shaft and there’s 24 shafts, which means I have 480 heddles in total to … Continue reading

New weaving project

I think I shall begin telling you about my new project by updating you on the last one. A week ago I had a super constructive tutorial in which I showed the screen prints I’d mentioned in a previous blog post. (here) The main topic of conversation in the tutorial was the print below. My tutor noted that, as … Continue reading

Frivolous surface design

I summoned up the courage to press the button with the ‘2’ on it in the art department lift. This took me to the media suite, a floor with swanky Apples and film editing equipment. A guy asks me if I need him for anything and I inquire “Could you teach me how to make repeated … Continue reading

Colourways I need in my life

Recently, everytime I’ve discovered a new place to get some hand dyed yarn I’ve felt like what I found there was the best yarn I’d ever seen. Ever. Until I find the next website… and so on. I get drawn into these beautiful objects and I keep trying to think of projects I could use them for to justify treating myself to … Continue reading